Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Check us out

We have a pic of the whole family on the side now!
This was from the day after B was born...there may be a few pics of us from her birth day, but I was so out of it that I don't remember much of anything.

We are just rocking right along here.  B is doing well...she's napping with Daddy right now.  We had a good night...the only time her monitor went off last night was when Adam was changing her and I think it just shifted to a bad spot.  

We got a baby scale yesterday and she's back up to her birth weight!!  Woo-hoo!  Her weight gain is great, but we don't want her to gain too much too quickly because the more weight she gains the more her heart has to work.  We are mostly just trying to make sure she isn't loosing weight.

Today we are going to venture out again...just to pick H up from school this afternoon.  She really liked riding in the car before so we thought it would be a good small trip.  Adam and I haven't really been outside in a while except to get the mail and take the trash out to the street. Then we will give her a bath...she loves that too.  And I may send Adam to the attic to get some more of Hayden's books.  We have been reading all the books I had out...just a few I keep out for when we have kiddos over, so I figure we need a few more.

We think we may be up for a few visitors soon.  We finally feel like things are settling here.

Thank you all for your continued prayers!  We are so in love with Batttley and enjoying every minute with her!

PS - It's 10:30 in the morning when I am posting this...we can't figure out why it posts the date stamp at such random times.


  1. My phone is showing the time as PDT. So that would be 2 hours earlier...

  2. Prayers were and are still being answered. Our Lord is so good!
    Makes a good day for this old relative to see both you and Adam as young parents enjoying each second of each day. I know Hayden is so thrilled to have Battley! I just enjoy your comments so very much, and you four are just a beautiful, loving family! Much love and hugs! Net

  3. I miss you all so much! Battley is as cute as ever! I pray for you guys daily!