Friday, April 27, 2012


I have no blog title so I'll go with random thoughts for today.

B had another great day/night. We got out again yesterday...just in the take Hayden to soccer.

We had wings for dinner...thanks Carrie...and watched some of the NFL draft. Well, the guys had wings...I had something less spicy. Fletcher Cox went to the Eagles (which is Hayden's team) so H is super excited.

Hayden has a soccer tournament this weekend and I am hoping we will make it to at least one game. This one is in town...yea!

For some reason the bird theme keeps coming up...
First we bought a painting with 4 birds and hung it over the mantel in the living room
Then Travis made the blog banner with 4 birds (one for each of us)
Amy made the door hanger with birds
Then Abbey gave me a pottery bird for B's Easter happy
Then I went to get B dressed yesterday and had a hair clip I put in her hair that was just really a left over from a bunch I ordered from Giddy's the teal bird (sorry I can't flip the pic...using the old iPad). I realized after that it was the bird thing again...hmmmm! Anyways, aren't these so cute?

Here's a pic of my 2 babies snuggling:


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  1. The "my babies" thing...I tell my boys, my men, they will always be "my babies". They don't even argue with me any more!
    And the "bird" thing...I'm thinking CARDINALS, as in St. Louis CARDINALS! XOXOX