Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Today was pretty uneventful compared to yesterday...thankfully!  It rained here almost all day so it was an extra good day for snuggling.  Instead of reading books today we made up stories...we had to make sure dad understood the difference between "dude" stories and girl stories.  He started with a fish who got eaten by a larger fish and ended with something about unicorns and a field of butterflies...much better!

We are headed to the cardiologist bright and early in the morning.  Hayden is playing in an all day tennis tournament, so we may try to catch a match or two after that.  Before lately I've only missed one of Hayden's soccer games...ever.  It's really hard for me to miss his stuff (not sure it's that hard on him) so hopefully we can make it work.


Oh, and don't dedication this Sunday!!  We are so excited!

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