Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sun-day Fun-day

Tomorrow will be Battley's 1 Month Birthday!  Can you believe it?

Here are the details again for the baby dedication tomorrow:
Sunday, April 22nd
10:30am service...I'd get there a few mins early if I were you...they have 7 families participating!
First Baptist Church of Jackson (Madison Campus)
598 Yandell Road
Madison, Mississippi 39110 
Adam and I would love to be able to invite you all over for lunch tomorrow afterwards, but we thought about it and just aren't up for that kind of a challenge right now...especially since my mom is out of town and can't help out.  We will be doing well to make it to church on time with our hair brushed!

We are SO excited to see everyone tomorrow though!  I've heard from some of you that are coming...we are honored!  

Let's see...what have we done in the past few days???

We got out yesterday afternoon when the weather was nice and strolled around Renaissance for a bit.  B does so well outside (breathes very easily) so we try to take her out when it's not too hot or sunny.  Then the guys talked us in to getting some greasy hamburgers for dinner.

Other than that we have been at home reading (I think her favorite is Is Your Momma a Llama?), chatting, and making up silly songs.

Here's a pic of Miss B in her car seat all ready to go yesterday (she loves that binky...his name is he's Jamaican...don't say strange things when you've been up all night):
See you tomorrow!!

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  1. Sorry, we can't be with you tomorrow. That is the result of 3000 miles. B's happy is in the mail. Love and Kisses.