Wednesday, April 18, 2012


We left the house this morning at 7:15 with everyone dressed and ready...that is a Major feat considering some days lately we haven't brushed our teeth until noon or later! I can just hear my mother now..."really, don't have to share That"!

The cardiologist appt went well. She will start 1 kind of medicine now to keep excess fluid off her lungs...this is not a problem now but could become one as she grows if we don't do anything about it. It is to keep her comfortable and may help ease some of her breathing. Sometimes she breathes with ease like we do and sometimes she has to work harder to get a good breath.

When we left the hospital we headed over to watch H play tennis. The weather was great and H played well.

We are back home now and worn physical activity for a few weeks makes you tire quickly...ha!

We have gotten so many emails from people who read the blog and pray for B. We are truly touched! I wish it wasn't so hard to leave a comment on this blog because we would love to hear where you live...we know some of you are quite a few states away!

I will work on some pics for tomorrow.



  1. C, if I can leave a comment here, believe me it isn't that hard. I think you do have to sign up with Google, no biggie.

  2. Glad to get the reports....still prayin' over here in Bammy. T

  3. Catherine & Adam, I haven't commented, but I check in every day since Joyce sent me a message and a link to your blog some weeks before Battley was born. I've cried, prayed, and rejoiced as I've followed your journey. I know my prayers and thanksgiving join those of many, many others, but it is a privilege to stand with you and with the many others who love you and your family.

    Loved seeing the pic of Aunt Joann with Battley.

    Marty (Richie) Davis